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About Us

Excel Seminar Solutions concentrates on jobs related to supply and printing of stationery and conference kit for international and national level seminars/ conferences/ symposia held by various academic institutions/ organisations. Right from brochures, posters, banners to the conference bags, writing pad, stationery and the memento for the delegates, Excel Seminar Solutions takes care of everything.


Excel Seminar Solutions along with Excel Publishing Services, Excel India Publishers and Excel Printing Universe is integrated to provide all types of publishing or printing solutions.
Although each unit functions independently, at the time of need all of them function in sync where Excel Publishing Services handles prepress assignments and Excel India Publishers takes up the publishing of the same where as Excel Printing Universe does the printing, Concurrently Excel Seminar Solutions takes care of all your needs pertaining to the supply and printing of all items requied for your conference/ seminar or symposia.
Great advantage! Isn't it !